Why you should visit Halefeti; The city of Bible!

Written on November 4, 2019 in Backpackers

Halfeti is a hidden paradise with its unusual geography and unique culture, the area is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination.   HALFETI Halfeti is a little fishing town located in Sanliurfa province of the Southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey. Set on the banks of the Euphrates, Halfeti’s history dates back almost 30...

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Southeastern Turkey is a must place to visit!

Written on November 1, 2019 in Backpackers

Why you should go to Southeastern Turkey? Southeastern Turkey: Gaziantep, Adiyaman, Nemrut, Diyarbakir, Batman, Midyat, Mardin, Sanliurfa and more beautiful biblical cities are still keeping their history in every corner! These are the very first cities where we humans settled and moved from the Stone Age to the next stages. Even though there is on...

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Affordable excellent pebble beach in Turkey!

Written on September 25, 2019 in Culture

Unbelievably affordable place to go on holiday! If you ever want to visit a great spot where you can read your books, taste delicious foods and do not want to feel like a tourist, Oren in Milas Turkey is the place you should try! Excellent pebble beach This is a surprisingly good beach with beautiful...

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Top things to do in Bodrum Turkey

Written on September 18, 2019 in Culture

Best Things to do in Bodrum! The City centre is our first stop. Bodrum is a fascinating city as it has a pleasing contrast between the Ancient city and a playground for wealthy Turks. It is also a great day trip destination for many tourists who sail, cruise or spend their holiday on a Greece...

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The most affordable backpacking location in Europe & Assia!

Written on June 16, 2019 in Backpackers

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Europe and Asia at the same time? No, where in the world you can find any better and affordable place than this magnificent place: Turkey Black Sea. The beginning of Western society, amazing another planet feeling, warm kindly social people, naive untouched nature, great beaches, dream places to stay...

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5 Sunny Days In Antalya, Kas, Santa’s home, Olimpos & Finike

Written on May 14, 2019 in Summer

By Cuneyt Tiryaki Prof. International Business & Languages Why should you visit Antalya? City, seaport and holiday resort on the Mediterranean in South Turkey .  Antalya  is the heart of the Mediterian sean, a major tourist region.     Birthplace of Santa, the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Antalya is situated on the beautiful Mediterian ...

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Top 3 Winterspor Vacation resorts In Turkey

Written on March 18, 2019 in Culture

Top 3 Winterspor Vacation resorts  In Turkey Attention: The price is unbelievable compared to many other places! At least %50 less than anywhere in the world! Top Quality destination!   Most people remember Turkey from their great beach vacations. Perfect resorts full of animation activities, beautiful coasts and top food & drink options...

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