By Cuneyt Tiryaki

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Why should you visit Antalya?

City, seaport and holiday resort on the Mediterranean in South Turkey .  Antalya  is the heart of the Mediterian sean, a major tourist region.



Birthplace of Santa, the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Antalya is situated on the beautiful Mediterian coastline. Blessed with sunshine and fantastic quality of life, Antalya provides lively nightlife, museums and exceptional seafood restaurants alongside wide boulevards, swaying palm trees and beautiful beaches. Turkey’s top hotels are also located in this great city.

Santa Claus or the Dutch Sinterklaas did he really live in Turkey?

Santa’s Birthplace & the church he worked as a pastor are there to see an discover!

Myra is the city near Antalya where it all started many years ago when a pastor helped the sailormen who had to stay in the town for many weeks because of a terrible storm. After his great help, the sailormen built the statues of his in many islands they visited. So this is the start of the Santa Claus story!


Santa is not in his coffin as you see in the picture!

All inclusive Antalya or just a hotel and a car?


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Whatever your reason is, you can easily find a top spot in Antalya. Do not believe in mass media or any reports that you see on tv because Antalya Turkey is one of the safest places on earth. People are friendly, service and quality everywhere give you the VIP feeling. The shopping malls full of original perfect clothes with unbelievable prices. Or the city shops & markets full of cute clothing, souvenirs and more with the ideal price.

All inclusive on holiday? Antalya is one of the best spots on earth for five stars hotel experiences. The dreams kitchen, beach, dance and kid club experience are available any four or five stars hotels in this great city. You do not need to pay for anything extra if you are one of such hotel.

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If you would like to discover & explore the city and the surroundings of this magnificent city. Read carefully:

First, you need to rent a car from the airport. There are some agencies available for you. However, check for the best bargains by calling them not online! Secondly, plan your trip. The best trip we can advise you is:

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How about ancient history in Antalya?

Toros mountains Enjoying a privileged geographical position, the coastal area is protected from the North winds by the mountains ensuring the highest average temperatures in Turkey. While along its rugged eastern part rocky projections of land penetrate the sea, the western area is milder and sandier with large beaches and hotels making it one of the most developed areas of Turkey due to its demographic and tourist appeal.


King Attalus II of Pergamon is looked on as founder of the city in about 150 BC, during the Hellenistic period. It was named Attaleia or Attalia in his honour. The city served as a naval base for Attalus’s powerful fleet. Excavations in 2008, in the Do?u Garaj? plot, uncovered remains dating to the 3rd century BC, suggesting that Attalea was a rebuilding and expansion of an earlier town.

So whatever you want to do or how much do you have to spend is not a matter at all. For every budget and every occasion, there is enough to do in this great city and nearby cities.